Investment Planning

An investment plan tailored to your objectives and goals. Unbiased and independent approach to selecting investments.

Portfolio Management

Global, multi-asset, diversified portfolios that balance risk and return. Strategically designed to adapt to changing markets. Low cost and tax-efficient.

Client Portal Technology

Web-based client portal. See all of your accounts in one, secure place. View live reports including balances, performance, allocation and holdings.

Planning For Accumulators

Optimized retirement savings plans. Savings rate analysis. Manage cash flow and budgeting. Examine debt financing strategies. Develop college savings strategies. Evaluate insurance need and sufficiency.

Retirement Planning

Retirement income planning. Sustainable withdrawal rate analysis. Optimize social security strategies. Net worth and cash flow projections. Tax planning strategies. Help determine and develop an efficient estate plan.

Dynamic Planning Software

Financial planning software that is both cash flow and goals-based.  Accommodates all types of client situations from simple to complex.  Detailed cash flow engine, advanced estate planning and detailed tax analysis.

Our Vision 

Genesis Wealth Planning believes wealth management should be tailored to deliver value for generations.

  • We build global, diversified portfolios based on your objectives and goals. 
  • We take the time with you to understand your entire financial picture.
  • We believe in transparency and low costs.
  • We embrace technology to build better portfolios, design better financial plans and improve communication.
  • Our model allows us to work with clients from all financial backgrounds
  • Escape Velocity

    Perspective on Investing & Financial Planning

    10 Mar

    Volatility Returns

    March 7, 2020Printer-Friendly VersionVolatility has returned to global financial markets. As seen in figure 1 below, the Volatility Index (“VIX”) has spiked to the highest level since 2015. However, looking further back, the VIX is nowhere near the Great Recession of 2008-2009. History proves that volatility in financial markets is nothing new. However, since early 2009, the US markets have enjoyed a low period of volatility.Coming into 2020, the US Stock market was naturally elevated after a decade long decline in the VIX (figure 2). Price to Earnings (P/E) ratios were also elevated (figure 3). As seen in this chart, in the past high levels of P…

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    12 Jan

    5 AM Alarm

    January 12, 2019Printer-Friendly VersionAs I have aged, it seems my alarm clock goes off earlier and earlier. As a child, I somewhat dreaded waking up early in the morning unless it involved golf or some other sporting activity. Early morning Bible studies were thrown in the mix as I entered college. I have many older mentors to thank for motivating me to get up early and study the Bible. As I started my career, an earlier wake-up was the norm. Of course, once kids came along, the alarm clock was somewhat useless as babies became the new alarm clock (which went…

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