We embrace technology allowing us to build better portfolios, design better financial plans and improve communication with our clients.

  • Client portal - see all of your accounts in one place.
  • Portfolio management - utilizes techniques usually only available to high net worth and institutional investors.
  • Financial planning - Comprehensive goals or cash-flow based plans to accommodate all client needs, from simple to sophisticated.

Client Portal

We utilize a web-based, client portal so that you can see all of your accounts in one, secure place. You are able to view live reports including balances, performance, allocation, and detailed holdings information.   This technology allows us to help you track your investment goals in a transparent, understandable and controllable environment.

Efficient Portfolio Design

Our portfolio management technology allows us to utilize techniques usually only available to high net worth and institutional investors. We provide institutional-caliber analytics such as portfolio optimization for efficient portfolio construction. Our technology gives immediate optimization results based on forward return estimates and the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). The CAPM theory is built on the Nobel Prize winning modern portfolio theory.

Each portfolio is dissected using detailed asset allocation analysis, rebalancing strategies, risk allocation, portfolio back testing, stress testing, and risk-adjusted performance metrics. We utilize tax-efficient strategies and sophisticated technology in both the design and management of portfolios. We seek to identify the optimal investments to hold in varying types of accounts and then customize each portfolio utilizing rebalancing, cash management and tax-loss harvesting strategies.

Proactive Financial Planning

We utilize financial planning software that is goals and cash-flow based. Our comprehensive software allows us to create plans for all types of clients. We create detailed cash flow and net worth projections which can be modified and changed according to your specific situation. Our software has a precise cash flow engine, detailed tax analysis, advanced estate analysis, and industry-leading asset allocation tools. Our tools allow us to stay on top of changes to your financial situation.