14 Apr

Growth Accelerating, Risks Remain

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The International Monetary Fund released it’s bi-annual World Economic Outlook on April 8, 2014. Key takeaways from the report include:The global economy is gradually recovering from the 2008 debt crisis, but growth continues to remain below average and uneven across many countries.The IMF predicts global GDP growth of 3.6 percent in 2014 increasing to 3.9 percent in 2015.Risks to rising growth include low inflation, potential capital flow reversals, removal of central bank stimulus, and geopolitical uncertainties.United StatesGross domestic product (GDP) is defined as the market value of all officially recognized final goods and services within a country in a given year. GD…

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1 Apr

How The Economic Machine Works

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Understanding the ins and outs of the economy can be very challenging. Ray Dalio is one of the brightest minds that we have today in the investment world. Dalio has written a wonderful article on how the economy works. He also produced a video on this topic that does a fabulous job of explaining in simple terms how our economy works.…

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