12 Jan

5 AM Alarm

January 12, 2019Printer-Friendly VersionAs I have aged, it seems my alarm clock goes off earlier and earlier. As a child, I somewhat dreaded waking up early in the morning unless it involved golf or some other sporting activity. Early morning Bible studies were thrown in the mix as I entered college. I have many older mentors to thank for motivating me to get up early and study the Bible. As I started my career, an earlier wake-up was the norm. Of course, once kids came along, the alarm clock was somewhat useless as babies became the new alarm clock (which went…

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16 Sep

Should the Fed Raise Interest Rates This Year?

September 16, 2015Printer-Friendly VersionThe Federal Reserve concludes its two-day meeting on Thursday and will announce whether or not they plan to raise interest rates, specifically the Federal Funds Rate. The Fed has kept the Federal Funds Rate at zero since 2008 and hasn’t raised the rate in over a decade. Since discontinuing its Quantitative Easing (QE) program in October of 2014, the market has been obsessed with when the Fed starts to raise interest rates. This obsession makes sense as the Fed has used “forward guidance” as another monetary policy tool in recent years. However, I believe the first increase in interest rates…

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1 Apr

How The Economic Machine Works

Posted by hancockp Categories: Economics Inflation Interest Rates Markets Investing

Understanding the ins and outs of the economy can be very challenging. Ray Dalio is one of the brightest minds that we have today in the investment world. Dalio has written a wonderful article on how the economy works. He also produced a video on this topic that does a fabulous job of explaining in simple terms how our economy works.…

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15 Mar

Fed's New Leader, Same Challenges

February 1st of this year marked the beginning of Janet Yellen’s term as the Chairman of the Federal Reserve as she took over for Ben Bernanke. The Federal Reserve System or “The Fed” was created by Congress in 1913 to provide the United States with a stable monetary and financial system. The Fed is charged with keeping inflation in check and to promote policies that will create jobs. They influence many aspects of the economy and in recent years, the Chairman of the Fed has become arguably the most important position in the global economy.Since 2008, The Fed has engaged in “ea…

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